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Caina – Senior Portraits

Caina Cowart-196


I had the privilege of shooting senior portraits for Caina this weekend.  She comes from a great family that I’ve known for years so this was a fun shoot!  Oh, and poor Caina couldn’t speak the entire time due to nodules on her vocal chords.  That makes for interesting methods of communication.  The above shot was my favorite of all.  Beautiful smile, captivating eyes, and a pretty little girl.  I’m just sure she can’t be a senior though.  I mean, there is no way I’m old enough for her to already be a senior!!! (more…)


Fall Photo Shoot of My Girls

Impromptu Fall photo shoot with my girls!  We were on our way home from Little Rock and decided to stop by Gulpha Gorge for a few shots.  Here is a little secret about photo shoots…  (more…)

Cheesehead Ella :)

I had a quick, impromptu photo shoot with my youngest.  She is a die-hard Packer fan, I assure you!  Of course, she was pretty upset about the loss today.  A special thanks to her big sister, Brooke for trying to help me contain her!

Bokeh hearts!

When I took this photo, I was playing with creating bokeh shapes in the background.  Bokeh refers to the blurring of the lights in the background of this image.  I was able to shape the blurred lights into hearts using a mask of sorts over the lens.  I basically cut a heart-shaped hole out of a piece of black construction paper and placed this over the lens (shooting through the heart).  You don’t even see the paper when you’re shooting, but the bokeh shape is created in the background.  This is my beautiful daughter, Brooke!  🙂