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Nikon D600 Macro Tests (Round 2)


I had some time to shoot a few macros today.  The challenge today though was low light and a bit of wind… not good for macro photography!  I decided to crank up my ISO to speed up the shutter and avoid motion blur.  I went as high as 5000 ISO!  I’m still amazed at the low noise levels of the D600.


First macro tests with my Nikon D600


I decided to test out my new Nikon D600 with some macro photography.  I don’t have an actual macro lens so instead I use Kenko extension tubes.  For these shots I stacked the 36mm and 20mm and shot with my Sigma 70-200 F2.8.  This was my first time to use the 70-200 for macros.  I love it!  Firs the zoom lets me shoot macro without being right on top of the subject which is quite nice.  Also, the D600 allows me to shoot a high ISO to speed up the shutter so I don’t get motion blur without much noise.