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Lake Catherine 4/26/2013

Big Falls 4-26-2013

I’ve been here a lot lately, but I wanted a short trip and an opportunity to use my 10 stop ND filter.  The above photo was taken with two shots.  One for foreground and one with the 10 stop filter to make the waterfall and water silky smooth.  The waterfall ended up being a 4 minute exposure. (more…)


Garvan Gardens 4/25/2013


Bud…. Weis…. Hey, where is Er?!?!

On my way down to catch some photos of flowers and scenery, I saw these two frogs hanging out around a pond.  These frogs are HUGE!  I almost thought they were fake! (more…)

Blanchard Springs

Mt View-76_77_78_79_80_fused

After speaking at a men’s retreat hosted by Flatwoods Baptist Church, pastor Joe Morell drove me around town.  He took me down to Blanchard Springs which was flowing with lots of water! (more…)

Hot Springs in the Fall

I often take Fridays off from my “real job” and enjoy some photography time.  I was hoping to find some fall colors before it was too late.  Oh, and this was my first time shooting since I got my Nikon D600 back from repair!  😀 (more…)

Ponca and Boxley, Arkansas

I had heard of a lot of people visiting Ponca and Boxley, Arkansas. They are both found in Northern Arkansas along the Buffalo River area. I decided to head that way in search of fall colors and waterfalls! First, I had to con my brother into joining me. After all, a Mustang isn’t exactly a good vehicle for those county dirt roads!


Nikon D600 Macro Tests (Round 2)


I had some time to shoot a few macros today.  The challenge today though was low light and a bit of wind… not good for macro photography!  I decided to crank up my ISO to speed up the shutter and avoid motion blur.  I went as high as 5000 ISO!  I’m still amazed at the low noise levels of the D600.

First macro tests with my Nikon D600


I decided to test out my new Nikon D600 with some macro photography.  I don’t have an actual macro lens so instead I use Kenko extension tubes.  For these shots I stacked the 36mm and 20mm and shot with my Sigma 70-200 F2.8.  This was my first time to use the 70-200 for macros.  I love it!  Firs the zoom lets me shoot macro without being right on top of the subject which is quite nice.  Also, the D600 allows me to shoot a high ISO to speed up the shutter so I don’t get motion blur without much noise.