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Icy Hot Springs Mountain Sunrise


We had an ice storm recently in Hot Springs.  The mountains in particular looked amazing with all the glistening ice on the trees.  I decided to head up into the surrounding mountains to see if I could capture some of the magic. This was the first shoot with my new Nikon D800.  First, I tried going up to West Mountain.  They had the road closed off though.  I guess some trees were down over the road.  So, I headed towards Hot Springs Mountain.  Score!  It was open!  I was a bit worried though as the ice had all melted at the base of the mountain.  Thankfully, the higher you went, the more ice there was. (more…)


Sunrise over a sea of fog

HS Mountain Sunrise-13_4_5-Edit

Yesterday morning our town was covered in fog. I decided to drive up to a nearby mountain top with a clearing facing the east. I lucked out as the fog cleared at the top. I was treated to an amazing sunrise over a sea of fog with just a few mountain tops showing. The mountains looked like islands.  I did my best to capture the moment, but I don’t think the pictures do it justice.  God certainly knows how to put on a display of beauty! (more…)

Lake Hamilton Sunrise


I’ve learned that landscape photography puts you into some interesting situations.  If you really want a certain shot, you have to be willing to look a little crazy!  I’ve been wanting a sunrise shot over Lake Hamilton for awhile but wasn’t quite sure where to go.  I used my favorite website, SunCalc, to see where the sunrise was coming from this time of year.  I guessed that the boat dock for the Clarion Hotel would be ideal so I headed that way when I noticed the great cloud formations in the sky this morning.  People really underestimate the time and effort that goes into planning landscape shoots!  … (more…)

Historic Downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas

I decided to dabble in mostly architectural photography today.  I’ve learned there are certainly some unique challenges to architecture photography.  You end up with some very defined lines and if you aren’t perfectly straight on or if you’re using a wide angled lens (I was), you get some bending and skewing.  I tried my best to correct this in Lightroom and Photoshop.  Hot Springs has some very cool, old buildings.  During this trip, I only used my 16-35 mm lens for wide shots.  I hope to go back soon with my 70-200 mm for some detail shots as there are some incredibly ornate areas along the roof lines and doorways.

NOTE: I’d REALLY like to gain access to the insides of some of these places.  Please let me know if you have any contacts!

Hot Springs - Downtown 11-30-2012-22_3_4-Edit


Hale Property 11/16/2012

In Hot Springs, we are blessed to have some wonderful, caring people.  One local man, Dr. Kevin Hale, has built such a reputation in our community.  He lives just down the street from me and was gracious enough to allow me to take pictures on his property recently.  The land is gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to get some photos of the mist rising from one of the ponds in the golden glow of a sunrise!


Hot Springs in the Fall

I often take Fridays off from my “real job” and enjoy some photography time.  I was hoping to find some fall colors before it was too late.  Oh, and this was my first time shooting since I got my Nikon D600 back from repair!  😀 (more…)

Little Mazarn River at Sunrise

Sun Rays over the Little Mazarn

This may be my last shots from my beloved Nikon D90.  I bought a D600 which I had for about a week before I… gulp… dropped it.  I had never dropped a camera before in my life, but as soon as I had my new baby I dropped it and broke some parts.  It should be back tomorrow from its 6 week stay at Nikon as they repaired it.   (more…)

Good Morning Hot Springs

Hot Springs is a beautiful town in Arkansas nestled in the Ozark Mountains.  I was able to capture this panoramic sunrise with the Hot Springs Tower on the left on my way to work this morning.  This might make a beautiful canvas print or ever better… a metal print!  I plan on revisiting the location in hopes of capturing a more dramatic sky.