Portraits, Senior Pics, etc


$95 – A typical portrait session lasts for about an hour.  I’m the type that likes to snap pictures like crazy!  I might take 150 photos but then after editing will end up with 25 or so of the best.  Sometimes those candid moments captured are the absolute best!  It isn’t unusual for me to spend about 2 or more hours cycling through and editing photos.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist which is both a blessing and a curse.  The cost may have to be adjusted depending on the shots you’d like and the location.

Digital Copy via CD:

$35 – I personally love having digital copies of all my pictures.  I use them to share on social media, create videos, and I love having them digitally stored for safety.

Standard Portrait Print Sizes:

8 wallets: $4.50
4×6: $1.00
5×7: $2.50
8×10: $4.00
8×12: $4.50
14×22: $15.00
20×24: $32.00

*Note: for prints on metallic paper, add 20%.  This type of paper gives photos some extra pop!

Photo Books

I think photo books are an amazing way to display your pictures and they are very reasonably priced these days.  A standards 20 page book with 10″x8″  pages is around $30.  Not bad!

Gallery Wraps and More:

Print labs these days have some incredible options to display your photos.  Personally, I love all the gallery wraps for photo displays around the house or office.  Prices vary a lot here so I’ll help you find the right product for your family.


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