1937 Plymouth

Fun at Ma Maw's-33

I’m usually not much of a black and white photographer, but when you’ve got a beautiful 1937 Plymouth, it just screams for it.  My brother-in-law, Russ, is a car fanatic.  He knows his stuff and enjoys fixing them up.  This was a recent classic he and his cousin Wesley bought.  It re-sold so quick that I couldn’t get any shots in a more natural setting.  It’s sitting on a trailer waiting to be hauled away!  It would have looked awesome one a rustic dirt road somewhere (not that he would let it touch a dirt road).  

TIP: Click the pic to make it larger.

They don’t make grills like this anymore!

Fun at Ma Maw's-35 Fun at Ma Maw's-35-2

Wait, where is the MP3 player hookup?  No USB port or Bluetooth?!

Fun at Ma Maw's-38 Fun at Ma Maw's-41

Ah, don’t forget to check your “floating power.”  Wait, what???  Notice the miles.  This thing wasn’t driven much!

Fun at Ma Maw's-44-2

Don’t forget the choke when you crank this baby up!

Fun at Ma Maw's-46 Fun at Ma Maw's-48 Fun at Ma Maw's-50

White walls, baby!

Fun at Ma Maw's-57


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