Camp Baldwin – Homebuilders Gulf Coast Retreat 2013

Day 1-28(HDR)

I was so blessed to be part of the teaching team for the inaugural Homebuilders Gulf Coast retreat! Plus, the retreat was held at Camp Baldwin, a wonderful facility in Elberta, AL.  On the first night there, the sunset was only so-so.  I did HDR in the photo above to give it a more dramatic feel. This is overlooking Wolf Bay.

The photo below is from the same spot, but I used my 10 stop ND filter to streak the clouds.  Sometimes you just have to be creative to get an interesting shot.

Day 1-36-Edit

One perk was that we were able to go out for a sail!  The staff was amazing and we had a great time!

Day 2-4-2

Here is our captain.  He even opened us with prayer before setting out!

Day 2-9-2

Day 2-42-2

Day 2-62-2

Day 2-94-2

The sunrise Friday morning was beautiful!  I had to wake up at 5:30 to get setup in the right spot, but look at the gorgeous lake they have at Camp Baldwin!

Day 2-16   Day 2-82 Day 2-87

These next 2 shots may be my overall favorites.  The sun was bursting through, picking up the fog on the water and lighting up the small dock.  Notice the cross on the other side of the lake in the second shot.

Day 2-105(HDR) Day 2-145(HDR)

Some photos just seem like they’re meant for black and white.

Day 2-118

These Live Oaks are awesome!  Their limbs stretch out almost aimlessly. Some of them scoop down towards the ground and then shoot back towards the sky.

Day 3-11(HDR)

Saturday morning looking over Wolf Bay.

Day 3-36(HDR)-Edit

I’m not sure how, but I missed this cool waterwheel Friday morning.  Thankfully it didn’t escape me Saturday!  Again, that cross just keeps making appearances in the scene.  I love it!

Day 3-56(HDR)

With the clouds rolling through, it just seemed natural to go for a long-exposure shot.  Something seems right about the cross being stable, still, and focused while everything else is in motion.

Day 3-71 Day 3-78-(HDR)-2 Day 3-93-(HDR) Day 3-104


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