Cox Barn

Dr Cox Barn-36-(HDR)-Edit

There is a beautiful barn on the way to my parents’ house that I’ve wanted to shoot for awhile.  I finally set out for a sunrise yesterday.  I think I’ll give it another shot too at sunset so I can catch some golden hour rays on the barn front.  I love this place!  Notice the super-cool cross.

I was trying to catch the inside of this barn with the sunlight beaming through and this horse showed up to ruin my shot.  Actually, I just thought he was ruining it.  Turns out he was still long enough that he wasn’t blurry and I think he added a lot to the shot!  Thanks, horsey!

Dr Cox Barn-51-(HDR)

This next shot isn’t my fave.  I thought it might be nice to get a sunburst but to me it is just way too overpowering.

Dr Cox Barn-76-(HDR)

To get rid of the sunburst, I moved a bit closer.  I like the light shining through the barn and the old truck is epic.

Dr Cox Barn-90-(HDR)

Maybe another failed sunburst shot…

Dr Cox Barn-103-(HDR)

Up close and personal with the old Chevy.  Love it!

Dr Cox Barn-107-(HDR)

While shooting along the fence, this curious guy decided he needed some attention.

Dr Cox Barn-114


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