Garvan Gardens 3/8/2013


Today I purchased a years membership to Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Since I’m more serious about my photography now, I thought this would be an ideal situation.  They have year-round photo opportunities!

I was greeted at the entrance by 4 peacocks.  They’re usually a bit shy but they surrounded me this time!  I think they were feeling kinda brave!  Oh, and did you know that when they fan out like in the photo above they also make a strange sound?  It caught me off guard.  The shot below was quite accidental yet it might be my most favorite artistic shot of the day!  I love the colors, the shine, and the black background.  Thanks for cooperating Mr Peacock!  [KEEP IN MIND THAT PRINTS ARE AVAILABLE]


Below is a beautiful Japanese Quince bloom.  This tree wasn’t covered in flowers, but the ones it had were awesome!


Next I came across this Star Magnolia.  FYI, it’s hard to capture a detailed photo of a delicate, white flower. I didn’t notice until I was processing photos that a bug snuck into my picture.  Tricky!


I think this is a Japanese Camellia flower.  This particular flower was nearly flawless while most of the others were wilting.


I love waterfalls surrounded by ferns and moss.  My only gripe was that visitors had apparently walked all over these and smushed them before I got there.  Don’t smush the plants!


I think these are called Snow Drops.  This was a HARD shot to get.  I had to break down my tripod as low as it could take me and lay on the ground for the shot.


The poor, lonely, early bloomer….


I admit, this next shot isn’t my favorite, but it was the biggest patch of flowers I could find.


I was trying to get creative with this next one.  I hope nobody saw me laying flat on the ground in a patch of flowers aiming towards the sky!  I don’t know… I think it turned out kinda cool.


Check out the Peppermint Camellia!  I missed this one on my first run through but spotted it on my way out.  What an awesome combination of colors!


No, the tulips aren’t ready yet.  But they’ll soon be incredible!  I loved how this one lone tulip shot up around all the others.  Leader of the pack!



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