Icy Hot Springs Mountain Sunrise


We had an ice storm recently in Hot Springs.  The mountains in particular looked amazing with all the glistening ice on the trees.  I decided to head up into the surrounding mountains to see if I could capture some of the magic. This was the first shoot with my new Nikon D800.  First, I tried going up to West Mountain.  They had the road closed off though.  I guess some trees were down over the road.  So, I headed towards Hot Springs Mountain.  Score!  It was open!  I was a bit worried though as the ice had all melted at the base of the mountain.  Thankfully, the higher you went, the more ice there was.

The picture above and the two shots below were all taken from the same general location shooting towards the same direction.  Isn’t it amazing how different it can look with a few steps in either direction and the sun shining through slightly altered?  To me, each photo has its own unique feel.

icy-hs-mountain-2 icy-hs-mountain-3

Next I wanted to get a wide angle of the entire area.  I just LOVE the clouds, the fog, and the ice all coming together!  What an awesome moment!


I decided to slap on my 70-200 lens for some closer-up shots to get some details.


Ok, this next one isn’t my fave, but I still like to get “detail” shots.  If I weren’t freezing my tail off, I’d have spent more time on the details.  Brrrrrr!


One last zoomed shot before I left for the day.  This really was an awe-inspiring morning of beauty!  Thank you Lord for surrounding us with such captivating moments!





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