My Nikon Nightmare – the D600 (Part 4)

I wish I could say my Nikon Nightmare was over, but it isn’t.  As before, here are links to previous posts:

So, at last check, Nikon agreed to send me a loaner D600 while they worked on mine.  They also covered shipping.  They got my D600 back to me VERY quickly which was nice.  Of course, I wasn’t exactly holding my breath that the problem was solved.  Let me explain the photo below…

RED CIRCLES: These are spots that showed up on the very first picture I took when I got the camera back from Nikon.  I accidentally deleted a couple circles because there were actually 6 total, not 4.  I got my PS layers mixed up.

PINK CIRCLES: This are the NEW spots that showed up after taking 75 pictures.  Note that I did not even change the lens.  Again, this confirms that the dust, oil, paint, or whatever is causing the spots is coming from inside the camera.

GREEN CIRCLES:  I snapped 55 more pictures and the next test shot revealed just 2 more dust spots.


Next, this is a closeup of the photo in the upper right corner.  Holy cow!  Look at the size of that one!!!


My Nikon contact asked me to run the sensor cleaning function on the camera a couple of times.  I went ahead and entertained the idea and after two sensor cleanings no spots were removed.  So, now I’m awaiting a response from Nikon as to what we do next.

Oh, and you may be wondering about the loaner D600 they sent to me.  When I received it, a test shot revealed about 6 spots.  Here is the last shot I took before switching back to mine.  There are 48 identifiable spots from the sensor.



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