Caina – Senior Portraits

Caina Cowart-196


I had the privilege of shooting senior portraits for Caina this weekend.  She comes from a great family that I’ve known for years so this was a fun shoot!  Oh, and poor Caina couldn’t speak the entire time due to nodules on her vocal chords.  That makes for interesting methods of communication.  The above shot was my favorite of all.  Beautiful smile, captivating eyes, and a pretty little girl.  I’m just sure she can’t be a senior though.  I mean, there is no way I’m old enough for her to already be a senior!!!

Caina Cowart-29 

This might be my favorite pose.  I had Caina laying back on the bench for a tyipcal look you’d expect.  Then, she flipped her legs over and hung her head down.  Perfect!

Caina Cowart-45

Caina’s faith is very important to her so she wanted to use her Bible as a prop.  Awesome!

Caina Cowart-56

I’ve got about 3 other shots with this pose.  I only chose this one because Caina had a different facial expression.  She has a picture perfect smile all the time and I thought we could change things up on this one.  I’m still not sure which is best, but I’ll let them decide.

Caina Cowart-82

This was a super-cool location that Caina had heard about.  It’s under a parking deck.  If you can get in, shoot, and get out alive it is a plus!  😉

Caina Cowart-99

Caina Cowart-110

Mountain Valley water… a Hot Springs classic!

Caina Cowart-130

Those suit cases that Caina brought were pretty darn cool.

Caina Cowart-152

This next one is another fave of mine. The lighting on the face, the eyes, the smile… beautiful!

Caina Cowart-200

What an awesome idea!  This is Caina with her baby picture.  I only wish I could have gotten more glare off of the glass.  We did the best we could with what we had.



Caina Cowart-221

Caina loves art so the paint made for a very cool final photo shoot of the day!  This one was definitely playful and fun!

Caina Cowart-238 Caina Cowart-244


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