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Caina – Senior Portraits

Caina Cowart-196


I had the privilege of shooting senior portraits for Caina this weekend.  She comes from a great family that I’ve known for years so this was a fun shoot!  Oh, and poor Caina couldn’t speak the entire time due to nodules on her vocal chords.  That makes for interesting methods of communication.  The above shot was my favorite of all.  Beautiful smile, captivating eyes, and a pretty little girl.  I’m just sure she can’t be a senior though.  I mean, there is no way I’m old enough for her to already be a senior!!! (more…)


My Nikon Nightmare – The D600 (Part 3)

When will this nightmare end!?!?  Be sure to read my previous 2 posts to get fully up to speed.

Bedfords Camera in Little Rock responded quickly to my last post and promised to take care of everything for me.  John actually emailed me on Thanksgiving Day which was way above and beyond the call of duty!  Yay!  They agreed to swap me a different D600 so I drove to Little Rock again.  We took out 3 different D600s and took some test shots outside against the blue sky.  Guess what… ALL THREE HAD SENSOR DUST ALREADY!  So, the assistant manager, Denver (obviously dismayed with Nikon at this point), decided they would send their D600s back to Nikon and request a new batch.  On Monday, I got the call from Denver that the new batch of D600s were in so I drove back to Little Rock… again.


Protected: LH Field Trip 12/4/2012

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Historic Downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas

I decided to dabble in mostly architectural photography today.  I’ve learned there are certainly some unique challenges to architecture photography.  You end up with some very defined lines and if you aren’t perfectly straight on or if you’re using a wide angled lens (I was), you get some bending and skewing.  I tried my best to correct this in Lightroom and Photoshop.  Hot Springs has some very cool, old buildings.  During this trip, I only used my 16-35 mm lens for wide shots.  I hope to go back soon with my 70-200 mm for some detail shots as there are some incredibly ornate areas along the roof lines and doorways.

NOTE: I’d REALLY like to gain access to the insides of some of these places.  Please let me know if you have any contacts!

Hot Springs - Downtown 11-30-2012-22_3_4-Edit