7th Grade Wolves Basketball 11/27/2012

I decided to shoot my nephew playing basketball tonight.  It was their first game as Wolves so all the players were pumped up!  They fought hard and Ethan played very well, especially in the clutch times toward the end; yet, they lost by one point.  Good effort guys!  You’ll get them next time! I’ve not really tried sports photography much, though I love football and basketball.  I knew I needed a fast shutter speed and lighting is never great in these gyms.  The gear and settings I used were…

  • Nikon D600
  • Sigma 70-200 F2.8
  • Aperture priority mode
  • ISO 4000
  • F 2.8
  • Shutter speeds varied but seemed to hovered around 1/400th of a second

Ethan playing some tight defense: One of Ethan’s strengths is that he doesn’t lose composure under pressure.  Good ball handling… Ok, E… what the heck was this!?  I should have taken video too. He was swaying back and forth a bit and rolling his fingers. Pushing the ball up the court and keeping control: Going up strong… Passing it in to the big guy… Jacob!  Great defensive game, Jacob.  I lost count of the blocked shots. Ethan did the right thing here trying to draw the charge. Unfortunately, he did draw the charge… from his own teammate!  The ball handler shifted over causing Utah to plow right over Ethan! Creating the shot when the team was trying to come back from behind: Ethan drew the foul and hit two clutch free throws toward the end of the game to bring them within 1 point.


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