My Nikon Nightmare – the D600 (Part 2)

This is a continuation of my ongoing problems with my Nikon D600 which has had dust on the sensor since I bought it.  Read up on the other related posts using these links:

So, after contacting Bedfords about the problem, they decided to clean the sensor for free.  I was leery about this because how would this fix the overall problem that the dust spots seem to be coming from contamination within the camera?  I’m not switching lenses much so I’m pretty sure the dust isn’t from outside.  The people at Bedfords have been nice, but they tried to explain that this just wasn’t likely.  Denver, an assistant manager, thinks it comes from the technique being used to switch lenses, the environment from when I’m changing the lens, etc. I guess that is usually the case with dust, but I’m trying to explain to them that this is NOT the case with me and many others seem to have the same problem.

So, I drive all the way back to Little Rock… North Little Rock this time actually because this is where Jeremy is, their guy who cleans sensors.  He was very friendly and made a first attempt.  There were still a few spots so he tried again.  We only saw a couple of spots and he said if we do much more, it may just get worse.  So, we decided to leave it at that.  Below is a picture Jeremy took AFTER cleaning the sensor.  When I got home I was able to inspect much closer.  I circled in green all the spots I could find.  Notice there were actually 16!  FYI, this is scaled WAY down so the spots may be hard to see from these images.

Ok, so now I felt it was time to prove my case.  I walked across the street from Bedfords to a small park and rattled of about 55 random pictures.  I then took a blue sky shot.  See below.  See those pink circles!?!?  New spots after just 55 pictures and NO LENS SWITCHING!!!

I walked right back into Bedfords and spoke to Jeremy.  He said he would certainly talk to the manager because there wasn’t anything more he could do.  I didn’t hear anything that day or the next and today is Thanksgiving so I don’t expect anything until probably Saturday or Monday.   I’m sure Black Friday will be busy for them.

Last night, we took the family to Garvan Gardens to see the Christmas lights.  I decided NOT to change lenses yet, even though I could have used my 70-200 a few times.  I have more to prove here!  So, I took about 65 more pictures with the exact same lens and then took another blue sky photo this morning.  Unfortunately, the sky wasn’t quite clear enough to make spot finding very easy, but look at this!  The red spots are new dust spots I’ve found!!!

Seriously!?!?  I’ve seen forum posts on the internet complaining about this exact same issue.  So far, Nikon has denied there are any problems.  REALLY!?  Shame on you, Nikon!

So, today is Thanksgiving and I certainly have much to be thankful for.  God has richly blessed my family.  Nikon, however, is making my life a bit frustrating!


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