My Nikon Nightmare – The D600

Some of you already know about the issues I’ve had with my Nikon D600.  Here is a quick timeline of events…

  1. I bought over $5,000 of equipment from Bedfords Camera in Little Rock including the Nikon D600.
  2. Within a week I began noticing spots on my photos in places like the skyline.  This typically means you have dust or oil spots on your camera sensor.  Very odd since this was a new camera and had very little usage thus far.  I called Bedfords and they told me to bring it in.
  3. I drive from Hot Springs to Bedfords in Little Rock and they assume right away it is dust on the sensor.  An employee tries to use a tool to take the dust off the sensor.  We take a few test shots, but the spots remain.  Bedfords then decides to just give me a different D600.
  4. I drive all the way home with my new D600, thrilled because I truly love how the camera performs.
  5. A few days later, I walk outside and decide to take some test shots of the sky…. MORE SPOTS!!!  How in the world can another new D600 have spots!?!?
  6. I call Bedfords.  They say to bring my camera back so they can look at it.  Meanwhile, I do NOT have insurance on the camera yet because we still haven’t worked out the issues here and I don’t know what camera or serial number I’ll end up with (this is important soon).
  7. It is morning and I load up my camera to take it back to Bedfords.  There is a nice sunrise so I decide to pull over and take a few shots.  I finish and begin packing up my gear when my hand slips while taking the camera off the tripod…. NOOOOO!  Due to my clumsiness, the camera hits the ground and breaks some pieces around where the lens connects.  And… no insurance.
  8. So, I take the camera to Bedfords, busted, broken, and still showing spots on pictures.  They send it off for repair and assure me that Nikon will fix the camera and the sensor spots for me.  Meanwhile, they tell me that ALL of the D600s they have in stock had dust on the sensor!
  9. After 5 weeks, I get my camera back. I can’t wait to go shoot again!  I’m no dummy though… I take some test shots while at Bedfords this time.  No spots!  Yay!!!!
  10. I take about 300 photos over a few days.  On the morning of 11-16-2012 I got out and do some landscape shots near my house.  I get home to process the photos and guess what…. the SPOTS HAVE RETURNED!  Seriously!?!?  I took a blue sky photo outside and the following three images are small sections of the photo so you can see how truly bad it is.  WOW!  Too many spots to even count!!!
  11. I’ve done lots of research online and have learned that tons of other people are having these same issues with their D600s, but Nikon hasn’t owned up to any kind of problem.  The spots are definitely coming from some material INSIDE the camera body.  Some report that it is the paint used inside the camera body.  If I had to guess, I’d say it was the paint.  Maybe the outdoor shots I took in 30 degree weather was cold enough to make the paint even more brittle and flake off into material on the sensor.
  12. My next step?  I’m going to call Bedfords to see if they can swap me another D600.  I hear that the newer ones with later serial numbers may not have the issue.  If they can’t, I might be forced to send it back to Nikon again… meanwhile I have photo shoots scheduled as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas photos I do NOT want to miss with my two little girls!!!
  13. Praying for God to give me patience, help me get this resolved, and show me what I can learn from all of this.


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