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7th Grade Wolves Basketball 11/27/2012

I decided to shoot my nephew playing basketball tonight.  It was their first game as Wolves so all the players were pumped up!  They fought hard and Ethan played very well, especially in the clutch times toward the end; yet, they lost by one point.  Good effort guys!  You’ll get them next time! I’ve not really tried sports photography much, though I love football and basketball.  I knew I needed a fast shutter speed and lighting is never great in these gyms.  The gear and settings I used were…

  • Nikon D600
  • Sigma 70-200 F2.8
  • Aperture priority mode
  • ISO 4000
  • F 2.8
  • Shutter speeds varied but seemed to hovered around 1/400th of a second

Ethan playing some tight defense: (more…)


Playing with Fire

Ok, so we aren’t supposed to play with matches or fire, right?  Time to break the rules!  FYI, if you try something like this, please don’t burn your house down!  This was a fun little project I wanted to try and I had a few minutes of free time this evening.  So, here goes… (more…)

My Nikon Nightmare – the D600 (Part 2)

This is a continuation of my ongoing problems with my Nikon D600 which has had dust on the sensor since I bought it.  Read up on the other related posts using these links:

So, after contacting Bedfords about the problem, they decided to clean the sensor for free.  I was leery about this because how would this fix the overall problem that the dust spots seem to be coming from contamination within the camera?  I’m not switching lenses much so I’m pretty sure the dust isn’t from outside.  The people at Bedfords have been nice, but they tried to explain that this just wasn’t likely.  Denver, an assistant manager, thinks it comes from the technique being used to switch lenses, the environment from when I’m changing the lens, etc. I guess that is usually the case with dust, but I’m trying to explain to them that this is NOT the case with me and many others seem to have the same problem.


My Nikon Nightmare – The D600

Some of you already know about the issues I’ve had with my Nikon D600.  Here is a quick timeline of events…


Hale Property 11/16/2012

In Hot Springs, we are blessed to have some wonderful, caring people.  One local man, Dr. Kevin Hale, has built such a reputation in our community.  He lives just down the street from me and was gracious enough to allow me to take pictures on his property recently.  The land is gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to get some photos of the mist rising from one of the ponds in the golden glow of a sunrise!


Fall Photo Shoot of My Girls

Impromptu Fall photo shoot with my girls!  We were on our way home from Little Rock and decided to stop by Gulpha Gorge for a few shots.  Here is a little secret about photo shoots…  (more…)

Hot Springs in the Fall

I often take Fridays off from my “real job” and enjoy some photography time.  I was hoping to find some fall colors before it was too late.  Oh, and this was my first time shooting since I got my Nikon D600 back from repair!  😀 (more…)

Little Mazarn River at Sunrise

Sun Rays over the Little Mazarn

This may be my last shots from my beloved Nikon D90.  I bought a D600 which I had for about a week before I… gulp… dropped it.  I had never dropped a camera before in my life, but as soon as I had my new baby I dropped it and broke some parts.  It should be back tomorrow from its 6 week stay at Nikon as they repaired it.   (more…)