Ponca and Boxley, Arkansas

I had heard of a lot of people visiting Ponca and Boxley, Arkansas. They are both found in Northern Arkansas along the Buffalo River area. I decided to head that way in search of fall colors and waterfalls! First, I had to con my brother into joining me. After all, a Mustang isn’t exactly a good vehicle for those county dirt roads!

Glory Hole

Our first stop along the way was to the Glory Hole, an incredibly unique waterfall along Hwy 21. We struck out because there was no water, but you can’t help but be in awe at how this waterfall is formed! The water has actually created a hole right through a huge rock formation (hence the name)! The water then goes down and flows out a small cave. Love it!


Next up was elk watching. Each year, people flock to this part of Arkansas to see the elk. I really needed more than a 70-200 lens, but I did the best with what I had.

Lunch at Ozark Cafe

Time for lunch! I really owe a big thank you to Zack Andrews for suggesting the Ozark Cafe in Jasper. This place was incredible! Order the Zesty Burger!

Here are some shots of Jasper. What a cool town!

Lost Valley

Next up was the Lost Valley Nature area. There is a hiking trail, two waterfalls (when there is water), a natural bridge, and a cave all within 1.5 miles! Not much to photograph here since there wasn’t any water, but it was still well worth the hike. Here is the cave. My brother left his mark here as he slammed his head into the top on his way out. Luckily he didn’t lose too much blood but it didn’t seem to knock any sense into him. 😉

I made Tracy pull over to let me shoot this cool looking church.

Hawksbill Crag

Last on our list to visit was the famous Hawksbill Crag! I was so looking forward to this but we didn’t have the absolute best timing. The biggest bummer of all was that I didn’t get the exact shot I wanted of the crag itself. It wasn’t very sharp. Oh well, reason enough to go back and shoot again!

There rest of the photos…

One response

  1. Great shots, Todd! I’m glad you were able to get up into this area, it really is a special place in Arkansas. Also glad you were able to enjoy the Ozark Cafe, it’s been a tradition for me and my friends to always stop and eat there when we are in Jasper. You’ll have to revisit these places in the spring after a heavy rain and enjoy the waterfalls. Lost Valley is absolutely beautiful with a lot of water.

    October 21, 2012 at 10:27 pm

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