First macro tests with my Nikon D600


I decided to test out my new Nikon D600 with some macro photography.  I don’t have an actual macro lens so instead I use Kenko extension tubes.  For these shots I stacked the 36mm and 20mm and shot with my Sigma 70-200 F2.8.  This was my first time to use the 70-200 for macros.  I love it!  Firs the zoom lets me shoot macro without being right on top of the subject which is quite nice.  Also, the D600 allows me to shoot a high ISO to speed up the shutter so I don’t get motion blur without much noise.

Here lizard, lizard, lizard!

This little guy made a good but not-so-willing subject.  The zoom lens allowed me some shots I wouldn’t have been able to get before.  I tried to carefully move in a bit closer after getting this shot but this exceeded his comfort zone and he bolted.  I love the pattern of his scales.


In hindsight, I wish I had used a higher F-stop on this one.  I would have liked the entire mushroom to have been sharp.  Notice in this shot the stem and top of the shroom are in focus, but the outer edges are soft.  Oh well… maybe next time.  The end result was that I was quite impressed with my first macro shoot with the Nikon D600.


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