My Beloved Nikon D90… For Sale

I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to a full frame camera, the Nikon D600.  This means I must now sell my beloved Nikon D90 that has served me so well for the past couple of years.  It’s a great camera that’ll make someone VERY happy!  Here is the scoop:

Nikon D90: New from Amazon for $1049
Nikon SB400 Flash: New from Amazon for $114
3 batteries and charger
2 memory cards
1 Tiffen Circular Polarizer Filter: New from Amazon for $30 (Gets rid of reflections… great for window, water, or general outdoor shots)
3 Dolica ND Filters: New from Amazon for $43 (Great for getting those silky smooth waterfall pictures)

I also still have the original box, cables, etc. I also have the original receipt.  I bought the camera in April of 2010.   Virtually all the pictures on this blog were taken with this D90.  It is in excellent condition!

The price for all of it, $850.  Contact me if interested!


2 responses

  1. Greg Stratton

    Melinda would absolutely love that, but I can only afford about half that.If you don’t have any takers, please let me know if you could take less. Thanks, Greg.

    September 26, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    • Will do, Greg. This is considered by many to be a “prosumer” camera. Overkill for some people’s needs. The cheaper ones have fewer options, slower shutter speeds, and often poor low-light performance. Still though, many of them can get good shots in the right conditions.

      September 26, 2012 at 10:33 pm

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