Nikon D600 w/ 4000 ISO

WARNING: This is for my fellow camera nerds.

So, I recently made a big upgrade from my Nikon D90 to a Nikon D600.  I volunteered to shoot a ministry launch event for The CALL, a ministry to help families adopt and foster children who are in need.  The event was being held at a church which gives you the typical lighting nightmares for photography.  I wanted a shot of someone on stage as well as a wide angle of the audience.  I decided to push the limits of the camera and crank it up to 4000 ISO.  This typically causes a lot of noise in a photo so I was expecting the picture to be unusable.  The picture below is what I ended up with.  Note, I did NOT do ANY noise reduction.  This is straight from the camera with no WB adjustments, cropping, shot at F4 @ 35mm.  Nikkor 16-35 lens.


Now, here is a 100% crop to see the noise (or lack thereof) up close.  Yeah…. ok, I’m not going to win any awards for a pic like this, but wow!  I was shocked at how well the D600 handled the low light and high ISO.  My old D90 (which I still love greatly) would have looked like an old TV set from Poltergeist!  This was the only shot I took at 4000 ISO but now I’m wishing I had played with the settings more to try out 5000 or 6400.


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