Cossatot Falls

I had a little time this afternoon to visit a place known for some incredible rapids: Cossatot Falls.  This isn’t really a waterfall as much as just some crazy big rapids.  The word “Cossatot” apparently is a rough French translation to “Skull Crusher.”  Expert kayakers like to brave these rapids… crazy!  Imagine all these rocks with roaring waters over them!

Unfortunately, we’re still in the middle of a drought so the water levels were far too low to see much.  To make matters worse, the skies went from overcast to totally clear as we drove to the spot.  This is NOT good for the types of photos I was going for.  Oh well, I did the best with what I had.

Look at these awesome rock formations!

Ok, this bird wasn’t actually at the falls.  We saw him at Caddo River in Glenwood on the way home.

Another shot along the Caddo River.  I love how this old tree arches over the view of the river.

While I was disappointed with the conditions for photography, I can’t wait to go back when we finally get some rain.  Still though, the rock formations made the trip worthwhile.


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