Waterfalls of Lake Catherine State Park

Just 30 minutes away from my home is Lake Catherine State Park. This beautiful park has a few hiking trails that intersect at the “Big Falls.”  We’ve had the worst drought I can ever remember so waterfalls around here have been nothing but bare, dry rocks.  Hurricane Isaac gave me hope though!  I packed up and headed for the trails as soon as the hurricane had passed.  There wasn’t as much rain as I had hoped for, but I trusted it was enough.

This is the main reason people hike the trails, the “Big Falls.”  It wasn’t roaring by any stretch of the imagination, but it was still quite a nice flow.  This is the perfect place to stop and have a snack.

To the south of the big falls is another smaller, but higher waterfall that spills into the same pool of water.  It is much harder to get a good picture due to the trees.  I took a few closeups though:

Along the way, there are also some smaller falls.  These are much smaller but no less beautiful in my assessment.

I think the above photo with the log is my personal favorite.  Lastly, I took some time to get a couple of macro pictures before I left.  Quite a nice hike this day!


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